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MAF establishes centers for seed analysis Saturday, 28 May 2016 12:50 The Ministry of Agriculture (MAF) has established six large research centers to analyze the quality and production of seeds before they are distributed to farmers. Read the Full Story
President uses Independence Day speech to call for resolution to sea border dispute Wednesday, 25 May 2016 13:56 Timor-Leste’s President Taur Matan Ruak used his Independence Day speech to press the Australian government to end the stand-off over negotiations on the demarcation of maritime boundaries between the two countries. Read the Full Story
Portuguese official inspects family planning progressPortugal’s Secretary of State for Citizenship and Gender Equality Portugal, Catarina Marcelino, recently visited the Vera Cruz Health Center (VCHC) to learn more about family planning services for women Wednesday, 25 May 2016 10:06 Portugal’s Secretary of State for Citizenship and Gender Equality Portugal, Catarina Marcelino, recently visited the Vera Cruz Health Center (VCHC) to learn more about family planning services for women in Timor-Leste. Read the Full Story
Timor-Leste’s four courts improve productivity levels Thursday, 19 May 2016 16:33 There has been significant progress in the productivity levels of four municipality courts, which succeeded in resolving a large number of cases. Read the Full Story
Women not included in nominations for new administrators Thursday, 19 May 2016 15:55 Political training organization Patria has expressed disappointment over the government’s decision not to include women in the nominations for new administrators. Read the Full Story
image MAF establishes centers for seed analysis
image President uses Independence Day speech to call for resolution to sea border dispute
image Portuguese official inspects family planning progressPortugal’s Secretary of State for Citizenship and Gender Equality Portugal, Catarina Marcelino, recently visited the Vera Cruz Health Center (VCHC) to learn more about family planning services for women
image Timor-Leste’s four courts improve productivity levels
image Women not included in nominations for new administrators


Tue 17 May 2016, 11:23
government-expected-to-approve-december-7-and-31-as-public-holidaysThe government has officially declared December 7 and 31 public holidays in remembrance of Nicolau Lobato, Timor-Leste’s first president who died on December 31, 1978 and those killed during the...
Fri 13 May 2016, 10:57
government-criticized-over-failure-to-halt-illegal-buildingsThe government has been criticized for failing to properly control communities building permanent homes on state-owned land and for issuing warning notifications too late.   According to law no....
Wed 11 May 2016, 10:59
calls-for-police-to-provide-protection-for-lgbt-communitiesMembers of the national police force (PNTL) are receiving training to help them better protect and recognize the presence of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities across the...


Wed 25 May 2016, 10:30
fao-map-adopts-conservation-agriculture-technologyNew conservation agriculture technology which aims to improve production levels and reduce farmers’ workloads has been adopted by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Ministry of Agriculture...
Fri 13 May 2016, 11:06
free-field-plowing-program-labeled-a-waste-of-moneyA Ministry of Agriculture program offering free field plowing to farmers has been labeled as useless due to the lack of food production.   National MP Manuel Guterres said while the program was a good...
Wed 11 May 2016, 10:18
fears-for-future-of-agriculture-as-farmers-lose-passionThere are concerns that the country’s farmers are losing their passion for agricultural work and that production is now in serious decline.   The General Secretary for the Ministry of Agriculture and...


Tue 24 May 2016, 12:33
98-of-untl-lecturers-hold-masters-degreeAbout 98% of lecturers who teach at the National University (UNTL) have undertaken their masters degree, according to Rector Francisco Martins.   He said UNTL would continue its efforts to improve...
Fri 13 May 2016, 11:44
ogfice-allocates-40-000-to-scholarship-programThe Osaka Gas Foundation of International Cultural Exchange (OGFICE) has allocated $40,000 for its scholarship program this year.   Executive Director Toru Yoshioka said OGFICE offered scholarships...
Fri 13 May 2016, 11:37
untl-to-provide-training-to-volunteer-teachersThe National University of Timor-Leste (UNTL) has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education to provide training to volunteer teachers who so far do not have a tertiary...


Tue 24 May 2016, 12:25
more-than-249-000-accessed-family-planning-services-since-2006Marie Stopes International Timor-Leste (MSITL) has delivered family planning and health services to 249,526 people since it was established in 2006.   Country Director Kwesi Formson said of that...
Thu 19 May 2016, 16:22
maliana-referral-hospital-lacking-midwivesPregnant women are receiving inadequate maternal health care due to a lack of midwives, according to Maliana Referral Hospital (MRH) delegate VitorSoares Martins.   He said there were only 28 midwives...
Wed 18 May 2016, 11:00
marie-stopes-expands-family-planning-programsMarie Stopes International in Timor-Leste (MSITL) has expanded its reproductive health and family planning programs this year to include Oecusse and the Liquisa and Aileu municipalities.   Country...


Sat, May 2016, 13:11
us-embassy-in-tl-allocates-496-900-to-strengthen-women-s-programsThe US embassy in Timor-Leste has allocated $496,900 to The Asia Foundation (TAF) to help create additional markets for women’s weaving groups.   The US Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Karen Stanton, said...
Sat, May 2016, 13:03
pm-calls-for-more-support-for-women-in-politicsTimor-Leste’s Prime Minister Rui Maria de Araujo said strengthening women's involvement and leadership in the next elections would involve a change in people’s mentality and that more support from men was...
Wed, May 2016, 09:34
man-receives-two-year-suspended-sentence-for-hitting-wifeA man has appeared in Dili Municipality Court after he assaulted his wife after she packed her bags and went to stay at her sister’s house.   According to the prosecution facts read by the Presiding...


Wed, May 2016, 10:34
police-forbid-youth-from-drinking-on-the-streetPolice in Dili have forbidden groups of youths from drinking alcohol on the street as part of efforts to reduce conflict and aggressive behavior.   Second Commander of Dili Municipality Police...
Wed, May 2016, 10:09
vocational-training-based-on-market-needs-says-sepfopeVocational training provided to young Timorese people is based on labor and skills needs in the job market, according to The National Director for Secretariat of State for Vocational Training, Policy and...
Tue, May 2016, 10:11
young-timorese-show-little-interest-in-farmingIncreasing numbers of young people are turning their back on farming in favor of a job in the city, said the General-Secretary for the Ministry of Agriculture, Cesar Jose da Cruz.   He said most farm...


Thu, May 2016, 16:42
man-in-court-for-picking-neighbor-s-papaya-leavesA man has appeared in Dili Municipality Court for picking the leaves off his neighbor’s papaya tree.   According to the facts read in court, the accused (HS) quietly picked all the papaya leaves from...
Thu, May 2016, 15:33
woman-faces-court-after-argument-over-unpaid-debtA woman has appeared in Dili Municipality Court for throwing an ashtray at another woman during an argument over an unpaid debt.   According to the prosecution facts read by the President Judge, the...
Tue, May 2016, 11:32
csip-to-open-investigation-into-four-containers-of-liquorThe Criminal Scientific Investigation Police (CSIP) has launched an investigation into four containers filled with liquor recently seized at Dili port.   Head of investigations Adino Nunes Cabral said...

Editorial Corner

Thu, May 2016, 14:57
midwives-health-heroes-for-women-adolescent-girls-and-newbornsInternational Day of the Midwife 2016 Statement by Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, Executive Director, UNFPA, The United Nations Population Fund 5 May 2016 On this International Day of the Midwife, UNFPA,...
Wed, Mar 2016, 12:40
op-ed-by-dr-poonam-khetrapal-singh-regional-director-world-health-organization-south-east-asia-regionIntensify efforts to end TB  As part of renewed efforts to End TB, we need to return to core public health principles     Tuberculosis is a global public health scourge. In 2014, 9.6 million people...
Mon, Nov 2015, 11:18
dr-poonam-khetrapal-singh-regional-director-who-south-east-asia-regionAntibiotics – Handle With Care Every five minutes a child dies due to drug-resistant bacteria in the WHO South-East Asia Region. Drugs that were effective in treating deadly diseases such as...


Thu 27 Nov 2014, 12:05
timorese-judges-life-under-threat-who-is-not-telling-the-truth-hereIt was widely reported by international media, especially by those in Portugal and “copied pasted” by few local media and went viral on social media that “Timorese judges’ life was under threat”. The...


Fri, Mar 2014, 18:56
a-journey-to-health-begins-for-lucasElda de Jesus is a poor subsistence farmer, raising vegetables to feed her family on the outskirts of Dili. But she didn't need a medical degree to know that the blood noses, headaches and wildly racing...
Saturday, May 28, 2016

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