Dili residents have enthusiastically embraced the vote for the new President of the Republic for the 2017-2022 period and the election was undertaken peacefully and calmly with security provided by the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL).

Dili residents flock to vote for Presidential Elections 2017 with enthusiasm.

Bairo-Pite Suku (Village) Chief Joao Baptista said the PNTL had placed three officers to ensure security at the voting centre. 

“Security around the country is normal, safe and residents have been calmly voting,” he said after casting his vote in Bairo-Pite, Dili.

He said a unit from the Public Order Battalion (BOP) had also been making the rounds to observe the situation in Dili throughout the elections.

Chief Baptista added that local community leaders had been collaborating well with the PNTL to ensure security was maintained in the country and that the election ran successfully.

Meanwhile, the Mahein Foundation’s Coordinator of Programs and Audit, Abel Amaral, expressed appreciation for the efforts of the PNTL in placing its personnel in all voting centres across the country, especially in Dili, to ensure communities felt safe.

Although the PNTL had sole responsibility for ensuring security during the 2017 general elections, he said that they had been able to demonstrate to the public that they were well prepared. 

“The police are everywhere, and they are undertaking routine checks to ensure everything is going well,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sonya Correia Mendes, who has a disability, said she felt proud to be able to vote and that the situation in the country had remained calm and secure.

“I am happy because I can vote and feel safe,” she added.


During observations on the ground, TDW noted that the PNTL’s general command had also been conducting traffic patrols across Dili neighbourhoods, particularly in areas located close to voting centres.