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Ministry of Public Works To Build Two Bridges In Dili

In 2013 the Ministry of Public Works plans to build two bridges in Dili in order to facilitate the local community in their daily activities.

Secretary of State for Public Works Luis Vaz Rodrigues said one of the bridges would be built in Comoro and the other in Aimutin.

“The Comoro Bridge I and another bridge in front of the Banana Road shops,” he said in Dili.

But the Secretary of State said the plan would pass through the Council of Ministers, and in regards to the Comoro Bridge I, it would continue with the Timorese National Consortium (CNT) and the Indonesian company Wika Karya who held the contract for the Comoro Bridge II.

Meanwhile for the bridge in front of Banana Road, he said the process was underway.

“We haven’t yet selected a company because we’ve just started on the design and started to open the tender,” said the Secretary of State.

On the other hand, Member of Parliament Angelica da Costa supported the initiative and said it was good to build bridges, as they’re a necessity.

“The important thing is there should be quality work based on existing designs, not just random work,” she said. 

She questioned this as a lot of projects were completed with poor quality construction, including bridges and roads.

Meanwhile, resident Tomas Fernandes said the bridge should follow existing designs and must be of quality.

“It can’t be like the Comoro Bridge II, which is higher than the old bridge, and we see it’s not very good,” he said.

Monday, December 05, 2016

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