The government is building another five football stadiums in Dili to give players more space to train and improve their abilities.

Government is building another five football stadiums.

Secretary of State for Youth and Sport (SEJD) Leovigildo da Costa Hornai said it had been necessary to build the stadiums because there were many clubs that needed space for training.

The stadiums are located in Becora, Bidau Santana, Lecidere, Kampung Alor and Comoro.

“We are not going to build a big field, but it’s important that we have [the space], because we already have many clubs and so this will give them the opportunity to train,” he said in Dili.

The Youth Football Center also needed space for training to help prepare Timorese players for the future of the sport.

He said SEJD would work with the presidents of the municipality authorities during the construction process and tenders were now open for the stadium design.

Municipality authorities will be responsible for managing the facilities once construction is completed. 

He said a total of $200,000 had been allocated for the design of the stadiums and $1 million for construction.

National MP Osorio Florindo said SEJD had received $1.9 million from the additional budget for developing sporting infrastructure, including the fields.

He agreed with the government’s decision to construct additional stadiums, so that young people had more space to practice their sporting activities in their neighborhoods. He said the initiative would also help young people avoid violence and other anti-social behavior. 

“We suggest using synthetic grass as the maintenance is cheap and the players can use [the field] everyday,” he said.

“If use other grass, we need to keep using fertilizer and this may destroy the ground and make it hard.”  

He acknowledged that it was the youths' problem especially ruined their willing to improve their ability in sport because the reality, many youths had interest but no space for them to train.

He acknowledged that many young people lost interest in improving their sporting abilities because in reality they had no proper space to train.