During 2016, the health clinic of National Police Timor-Leste (PNTL) registered 10 types of diseases afflicting police officers with upper respiratory tract infection known as ISPA cases registering higher than any other disease.

ISPA cases registering higher than any other disease.

The clinic’s Director, Inspector Abilio de Araujo Gonçalves said ISPA cases continue to register high because it is caused by dust and the community does not adequately clean their homes.
He said the ten types of diseases that registered include 276 cases of gastritis, 176 of hypertension, 131 of myalgia, 119 of diarrhea, 74 of dermatitis, 67 of lumbago, 67 with headache and facial pain, 47 of migraines, 33 of bronchitis, and 597 cases of ISPA.
He added the clinic provides health care to PNTL officers but it is also to the community.
He is most worried with the cases of hypertension in the community and urged them not to eat foods with chemical as these are harmful to their health.
"They should not consume foods contaminated by chemicals. We should only consume our local products," he said.
On the other hand, National MP Ilda Maria da Conceição acknowledged that ISPA cases still register high at health centers across the country and this is because there is much dust in the air because most roads are still not asphalted.
"I think there are big concerns and the government should be paying attention to this," she said.
She also urged the communities to collaborate with the government and to not throw rubbish randomly on the street, to water the ground, and to try to live in a healthy environment.