Member of National Parliament (MP) Inacio Moreira has expressed disappointment that the road from Aileu to Ainaro has been in poor condition for more than ten years.

The Member of Commission E (infrastructure, transport and communication) said while the government promised last year to fix the road, work had not yet begun.

"Until now we haven’t seen any company start to build the road,”the Fretilin MP said at National Parliament.

MP Moreira said the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) last year secured a loan from the World Bank to build the road.

“However, they have done nothing up until now,” he said.

Ainaro district Veterans’ Issues president Jil da Costa Monteiro said they demanded the road be improved many times when leaders, including that of MOP, visited the district.

“The road is damaged over and over again and is worse when it’s rainy season and we cannot pass,”Monterio said.

Public Works Minister Gastao de Souza said the road would be constructed this year.

“There has been a fund for this works, it’s just waiting to be implemented,”Minister de Souza said.

He called for the Ainaro community to be patient as the process was on going.