Members of the National Parliament, Commission F, were confronted with the sight of students of the Ulmera primary School in Liquiça town who are getting an education amidst squalid conditions.

“When we went to the Ulmera primary school in Liquisa we noticed how dirty the windows were at the school,” said the president of Commission F (for education, health, culture, veterans and gender equality), Virgilio Hornai at the National Parliament.

The president has grave concerns and wonders why the director of the school has not been more pro-active in ensuring the school conducts activities to keep it clean.

“It is sad that the Director and teachers have not organised the students to clean their own classrooms,” he said.

Vice Minister for Basic Education, Dulce de Jesus Soares said the Ministry of Education has talked to every teacher in a meeting and encouraged them to work with students in keeping classrooms and schools tidy.

“We told our teachers to pay attention to the conditions of schools which is very poor,” Vice Soares said.

She hoped that with the 2014 State Budget, the condition of schools in the whole territory will improve.

“Teachers should be more creative in trying to improve the conditions of schools,” the Vice Minister said.