The Royal Thai Embassy in Timor-Leste has donated eight computers to the Fundasaun Lar Do Bom Samaritano training centre.

The Thai ambassador Tawatchai Koopirot, said the computers were given after receiving a proposal from the centre to help its 80 orphan residents.  

“They asked for four computers to train the children who are from vulnerable familes and are unable to expand their knowledge,” he said.  

He said the Fundasaun Samaritano Ermera orphans came to the centre from all 13 districts.

Some were the children of veterans, catechists or vulnerable people. 

The proposal was submitted to the Thai Embassy as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to Thai monarch Princess Maha Charkri Sirindorn when she visited the centre in January this year.

The princess has previously donated musical instruments to the centre.  

Fundasaun Lar Bom Samaritano was founded in 1988 by Pastor Dominos da Silva Soares, alias Maubere, and was formally incorporated last year. 

Foundation director Almerio Saldanha Borges said the centre currently catered for 40 boys and 40 girls between the ages of 11 and 18. 

He said the donors had visited the centre to assess its needs. 

“After the visit by the ambassador, we wrote a note of thanks for the princess’s visit and also sent a proposal for them to help us with computer equipment,” he said. 

The orphans are studying at schools in Gleno, two kilometres from the centre.