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UNO-DC provides three cars to UPF

The United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNO-DC) has provided three cars to the Frontier Police Unity (UPF).

UNO-DC country manager Troels Vester said the cars were given to the UPF to facilitate their work patrolling the frontier.

“The work in the frontier will not be running effectively if there isn’t adequate transport,” Vester said at the PNTL’s General Barracks in Kaikoli Dili.

He said he hoped the cars would make the unit’s work easier and more successful.

UPF Assistant Commandant Superintendent John Pires said the vehicles were pledged to the UPF by UNO-DC in a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two parties in September 2012.

“They agreed to give us three cars and 13 computers as well as providing us with training in the area of human trafficking,” he said.

He said the cars would be distributed to three existing posts.

Member of Commission B (security, defense and foreign affairs), Member of Parliament Cesar Valente de Jesus said this was a good example of cooperation between the PNTL and international donors.

“Whatever we receive has value as it elevates the work that we do, so we call on the UPF to utilize the cars well,” MP de Jesus said.

He called on the government to budget for maintenance of the vehicles.

Monday, December 05, 2016

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