The Special Police Unit (UEP) of PNTL still lacks facilities making it difficult for them to do their work on the ground.

UEP of PNTL still lacks facilities making it difficult for them to do their work on the ground.

The commander of UEP, Superintendent Chief Afonso dos Santos called for the general commander of the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) to create better conditions and provide adequate equipment so they can perform their duties on ground including with tasers, handcuffs and pepper spray canisters.
As added the work of the UEP is extremely important because they respond to high-level impacting incidents across the country.
“The Ministry of Interior and the general commander should look at their situation,” urged Commander Santos in Dili.
Despite of lack of facilities, he said UEP officer continue to do their job and are ready to respond to any situation with the best care possible.
“UEP holds the principle of patriotism by following the example of veterans. They are ready to serve the people and protect the country and its wealth based on the mission of special force," he said.
Meanwhile, the general commander of PNTL, Commissioner Julio da Costa Hornai acknowledged the issue and even though he intends to give maximum attention to this issue, he is constrained by budget limitations.
"We are trying to fix the situation gradually according to the budget allocation from the government to the command of PNTL and based on priorities. We are not able to address everything at once,” he said.
On the other hand, Member of National Commission B (for security, defence, and foreign affairs), MP Cesar Valente said the government should have adequate plans to address these types of issues.
He said to ensure the country's security, the government should invest adequate funds and provide better facilities.
"The Government has the responsibility to look at these issues. It should create good plans and highlight the faults and the difficulties that they face so these can be discussed during the general state budget debates," he said.