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Beneficiaries of women’s groups; MP calls for Investigation Thursday, 01 October 2015 14:38 Member of the National Parliament MP Virgilio da Costa Hornai urges the Secretary of State for Women (SEM) to make further investigations into the execution of public budget transfers supposedly used to support women groups because many groups don’t exist. Read the Full Story
MP: Government should show the contract and BOQ for the Suai airport project Saturday, 12 September 2015 17:59 National Member of Parliament MP Adriano do Nascimento urged the government to show the contract and the Bill of Quantity (BOQ) for the Suai airport project to the public. Read the Full Story
Dili’s National Hospital Establishes Special Clinic for Hepatitis Treatment Saturday, 12 September 2015 16:53 The National Hospital Guido Valadares (NHGV) in Dili established a special clinic for the treatment of patients suffering from hepatitis. Read the Full Story
Roads in Baguia need to be repaired immediately Saturday, 05 September 2015 16:06 Member of Parliament MP Ana Ribeiro urged the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communication (MPWTC) to repair roads in Baguia Administrative Post in Baucau Municipality immediately as the roads are extremely damaged. Read the Full Story
MP: Government left the Community of Lohomato in the Dark since 2013 Saturday, 05 September 2015 13:57 The Government, in particular the Secretariat of State for Electricity is being called to account for the abandonment of electricity posts in Lohomato sub-village, in Com Suku, in Lautem Municipality. Read the Full Story
image Beneficiaries of women’s groups; MP calls for Investigation
image MP: Government should show the contract and BOQ for the Suai airport project
image Dili’s National Hospital Establishes Special Clinic for Hepatitis Treatment
image Roads in Baguia need to be repaired immediately
image MP: Government left the Community of Lohomato in the Dark since 2013
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Thu 01 Oct 2015, 15:10
2068-former-indonesian-public-servants-not-in-pension-listsThe General Director of the Secretariat of State for Vocational Training Policy and Employment (SEPFOPE) Jacinto Barros Gusmão said SEPFOPE has registered 2068 Timorese who used to work for Indonesian...
Sat 12 Sep 2015, 17:06
community-urges-consumer-protection-lawDili resident Rosaria Martins da Cruz urges the national parliament to create a consumer protection law to regulate the import of foods into the country.  "The food we eat contains chemicals that...
Sat 05 Sep 2015, 13:15
datl-national-council-for-disability-must-be-independentThe President of the Executive Council of the Disability Association Timor Leste (DATL) Joaquim Freitas dos Santos urges the independent establishment of the National Council for Disability in the country...


Sat 05 Sep 2015, 15:46
mp-urges-maf-to-develop-advanced-agricultural-system-for-timor-lesteMember of Parliament MP Jacinta Abu Cau Pereira urges the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery (MAF) to develop and implement advanced agricultural systems in remote areas of the country.  According...
Sat 05 Sep 2015, 14:29
mj-sets-up-new-investigation-unit-mahein-foundation-says-it-is-not-neededThe Executive Director of Mahein Foundation (FM), Nelson Belo, said the Ministry of Justice (MJ) did not need to set up a new Scientific Police Criminal Investigation (SPCRI) Unit because the National...
Sat 05 Sep 2015, 12:20
oe-cusse-municipal-court-still-using-manual-systemOe-Cusse’s Municipal Court (OMC) is still using manual systems, while other municipal courts have been using automatic systems for some time now.  The Country Representative for international NGO...


Thu 01 Oct 2015, 14:54
care-international-tl-extracurricular-school-activities-neededThe Program Coordinator for Education at the NGO CARE International Timor-Leste Shoaib Danish suggested that teachers across the territory should develop extracurricular activities in schools to make...
Tue 10 Mar 2015, 23:34
untl-appoints-phd-councilThe Rector of the National University of Timor-Lorosa’e (UNTL) Aurelio Guterres inducted eight Timorese PhD scholars to a high level university council to support restructuring and improve the faculties...
Wed 04 Feb 2015, 22:28
students-of-ebf-28-november-school-have-lessons-in-the-suku-officeFor over twelve months the students of the Bubulale Eskola Bazika Filial 28 de Novembro School have been attending classes in the Irabinde Cima suku office, in Viqueque.Teacher Gabriel Pinto said they...


Thu 01 Oct 2015, 14:19
shio-groups-established-in-7-municipalitiesThe Executive Director of Alola Foundation Alzira Reis said her foundation has established the Suku Hadomi Inan ho Oan (SHIO) group in seven municipalities in Timor-Leste that will launch a campaign and...
Sat 12 Sep 2015, 17:35
30-of-medicines-out-of-stock-sames-holds-health-ministry-responsibleThe National Director of Autonomous Service for Medicines and Medical Equipment (SAMES), Odete Maria Belo said it has run out of some medicines because it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health...
Sat 12 Sep 2015, 17:21
national-eye-centre-holds-mobile-eye-clinic-across-the-13-municipalitiesThe manager of Clinical Services at the international NGO Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand Timor-Leste Belmerio Jeronimo said the National Eye Center (NEC) is conducting mobile checkups across all 13...

Human Rights

Thu 15 Jan 2015, 17:47
pdhj-supports-mandatory-hiv-testing-for-policeHuman Rights and Justice Ombudsman Silverio Baptista Pinto has thrown his support behind the National Police of Timor-Leste’s (PNTL) general command’s push to make HIV/AIDS testing mandatory for its...
Tue 23 Dec 2014, 09:45
new-ombudsman-ready-for-challengeNewly appointed human rights ombudsman Silverio Pinto says he is ready to ready to continue to implementing the Human Rights and Justice Provedoria’s (PDHJ) 10 year strategic plan.A communications...
Mon 01 Dec 2014, 17:25
ombudsman-respect-rights-of-mental-illness-sufferersDeputy Human Rights Ombudsman Silverio Baptista Pinto has appealed to all people to respect the rights of those suffering from mental illnesses.Pinto said sufferers’ family members were most likely to...
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Thu, Oct 2015, 13:53
fokupers-barlaque-thought-to-be-a-businessThe Executive Director of the Timorese Women’s Network Forum (FOKUPERS) Marilia da Silva Alves said the original values of barlaque (bride price/dowry) in Timor-Leste seem to have faded away as the...
Sat, Sep 2015, 15:27
rctl-builds-a-house-for-a-widow-in-ainaroThe President of Red Cross Timor-Leste (RCTL) Jose da Conceicao said his organization would build a house for a widow in Mau-Chiga Village, in Ainaro Vila Administrative Post in Ainaro...
Sat, Apr 2015, 15:41
gleno-prison-lacks-guardsNational Parliament Member MP Paulino Monteiro urges the Ministry of Justice to recruit new guards to work at the Gleno Prison for women in the municipality of Ermera.The MP alleges Gleno Prison lack...


Tue, Mar 2015, 23:10
dengue-starts-attacking-the-childrenThe Dengue Focal Point at the Ministry of Health, Doctor Frederico Bosco said during to first two months of 2015, in January and so far in February, 97 cases of dengue have been detected with that...
Mon, Feb 2015, 15:52
mss-accused-of-lack-of-oversight-over-mother-s-subsidyChild Rights Group Representative from Ermera District, Ivonia Martins, believes the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS) is failing to control the implementation of the financial assistance program for...
Wed, Feb 2015, 22:19
draft-juvenile-justice-law-scheduled-for-com-debateDeputy Justice Ministry Ivo Jorge Valente said the draft Juvenile Justice Law has been completed and has been scheduled for debate at the Council Ministry (CoM) prior to being send to the National...


Sat, Sep 2015, 16:26
fundasaun-mahein-suku-police-posts-neededThe Deputy Director of Mahein Foundation (FM), Joao Almeida Fernandes urged the Command  the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) to establish suku (village) police posts to facilitate the work on...
Sat, Sep 2015, 15:05
water-pump-leads-brother-and-sister-to-blowsThe Dili Municipal court (DMC) held a trial on a case involving accused FB (the brother) who hit the victim CM (the sister) after she forgot to switch off the Sany(local name for an electric water...
Sat, Sep 2015, 13:44
court-of-appeals-delivers-training-for-justice-officials-and-judgesThe President of Court of Appeals Gilhermino da Silva said the court provided training for justice officials on statistical data collection and for judges on leadership skills.  “We set up two...

Editorial Corner

Wed, Nov 2014, 17:09
family-planning-and-the-millennium-development-goalsThe Timorese government recently released its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Report for 2014. Overall the MDG indicators show that living standards and human development have improved significantly...
Mon, Oct 2014, 16:49
and-why-is-it-that-timor-leste-needs-a-media-lawThere will soon be a Media Law for Timor-Leste to include a media regulator authority, this seems more a matter of time rather than a point for debate. But why is it that we need one, or rather why is...
Wed, Nov -0001, 08:22
editorialThis week Timor-Leste is in shock after the gruesome murder of Rita Soares.  The young woman was found washed up on the beach in Metiaut, with her body in a terrible condition after being beaten and tied...


Thu 27 Nov 2014, 12:05
timorese-judges-life-under-threat-who-is-not-telling-the-truth-hereIt was widely reported by international media, especially by those in Portugal and “copied pasted” by few local media and went viral on social media that “Timorese judges’ life was under threat”.The...


Fri, Mar 2014, 18:56
a-journey-to-health-begins-for-lucasElda de Jesus is a poor subsistence farmer, raising vegetables to feed her family on the outskirts of Dili. But she didn't need a medical degree to know that the blood noses, headaches and wildly racing...
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Editorial Corner

According to the Deputy Commander of the Immigration Police Service (SPI), Chief Inspector Luis Barreto, his Unit by law does not have the competence to search passengers’ bags.
He said this in relation to claims that his Unit, the SPI, is responsible for the availability of illegal drugs in Timor-Leste.


“Our problem is that we are not mandated by law to search bags for drugs. That is the role of the Criminal Investigation Unit, they are mandated to investigate cases while the searching bags is the responsibility of Customs officials,” said Chief Inspector Barreto, last week, from his office in Vila-Verde, in Dili.

“We can only check whether travelers have the right documentation such as valid passports and visa documents,” he added.

When after a criminal investigation a foreigner is deemed to have illegally brought drugs into the country, “we will start a process called voluntary abandonment or even deport the person should that be the decision of the courts,” said Chief Inspector Barreto.

In the meantime, according to a source who declined to be identified from the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC), many drugs are available in the capital Dili, but the police so far has not been able to arrest anyone because the drugs circulate underground.

TDW tried to confirm the above statement with the Commander for SIC, Superintendent Calistro Gonzaga, but he was not available for an interview.

Monday, October 05, 2015

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